martes, 4 de enero de 2011

Ask Rockstar about L.A. Noire

Rockstar’s latest, L.A. Noire,  is coming out in just a few months. This time, Rockstar puts you in the shoes of a good guy. There are no shades of gray — no moral compass to worry about. You’re true blue. Why deviate from the anti-hero formula that made the company famous? What’s the gameplay like? Which system does it perform better on?

You probably have a ton of questions. Well, Rockstar is going to answer them. Post your questions in the comments of this blog post and we’ll select the best to send off to Rockstar. Expect answers next week. (Get your questions in now, while the gettin’s good).
Dunno squat about L.A. Noire? Read up on the game in our preview.

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