miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

B&W announces Zeppelin Air with AirPlay

It's no secret that Bowers & Wilkins has a tight relationship with Apple -- so it was only a matter of time until AirPlay made its way onto the company's design-a-licious Zeppelin line.
Now after being teased inApple's own promos, the Zeppelin Air is official. On the outside, it looks virtually identical to its older blimp brethren, but internally the speaker has been completely redesigned and features new 24bit / 96KHz capacity DACs. B&W is so proud of the result that they're touting it as their best sounding iPod speaker ever. Another bit of good news is the Zeppelin Air is compatible with every current iPod and iPhone out there granted it runs iOS 4.2. A handy USB input also provides flexibility for streaming music directly from a computer and even syncing an iPod / iPhone without removing it from the dock. Price is still an unknown but based on the other Zeppelins we're guessing it won't be cheap. For the full details be sure to read through the PR after the break and drool over the included gallery. 

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