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Pagani Huayra supercar has a steampunk interior that would impress even Dio Eraclea (video)

Pagani's new supercar, the Huayra, has a steampunk interior that would impress even Dio Eraclea
After a number of leaks and teases Pagani has unleashed its Zonda successor to the world, and it's the Huayra, a name that we're still having trouble spelling reliably but know that it's pronounced "hoo-aii-ra." Compared to the company's current offering this new model has a relatively understated design, designed to "shape the wind" rather than tear it a new one like the Zonda does. That said, the Huayra still shares key elements that make it unmistakably Pagani -- headlights, short nose, and a decided pear shape that could make J.Lo blush. Sure, the nose is a bit questionable, making this look a smidge like a Fisker Karma to us, but it's the interior that really has us intrigued. Click on through for more.

PaganiPagani says the inside "transports the occupants to a new dimension," and indeed it looks like something straight out of Last Exile or some other bit of steampunkery -- a bit like a Spyker but a little less out there. In the center is a multi-function display that promises to integrate performance information when the car is switched to sport mode, but the rest of the time will give you satellite navigation and other infotainment features, talking to your phone over Bluetooth. That's the centerpiece of the dash, but we're most fascinated by the machined aluminum details everywhere -- check out the exposed mechanicals of the shifter. 

In the back is a Mercedes-AMG sourced twin-turbo V12 delivering an amazing 700 horsepower and 740pound-feet of torque. That, mated to a vehicle that weighs just 2,976lbs, should equate to electrifying acceleration. Of course, power is nothing without control, and if our eyes don't deceive us the car actually can deploy either of its two front or rear spoilers higher or lower to help it carve through the corners. Basically, it's a vectoring air brake system, a little like what KITT had, and that's pretty awesome. No word on price or availability, but we'd start saving now.

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