martes, 4 de enero de 2011

WHDI breaks out at CES 2011, brings 1080p streaming to TVs, PCs, tablets and a projector

We've felt the rush a-comin', and it looks as if 2011 may finally be the year that Amimon (along with its competitors) gets the break it has been yearning for in the consumer market.
With wireless HDstreaming options becoming more plentiful (and prices heading southward into a realm of feasibility), the WHDI standard is making a stand at this year's CES. Right around a dozen new products will be introduced this week with WHDI embedded, including HDTVs from Haier, PC-to-TV adapters fromAsus and LG Innotek, tablets from First International Computer ('Jacob' prototype shown above), Malata and Gemtek / Ampak, a projector from Vivitek and a mobile-to-TV solution from The goal here is pretty obvious -- Amimon would love for you to have a house full of WHDI-equipped gear, in turn creating an ecosystem where these devices could talk to one another and stream in a variety of directions. We'll be scouring the floor to see who's buying in, but it sounds as if that won't be too difficult a chore.

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