miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

"Thimble": Another smartphone enabled concept for the visually impaired


You might recall the very impressive "Blinput" concept by Scotland-based design student Erik Hals from earlier this month. Well now it seems that the visually impaired could be spoiled for choice with student design projects, as University of Washington design students Erik Hedberg and Zack Bennet offer up another, potential revolutionary, smartphone application for the blind.

Where "Blinput" sought to utilise the technology already widely available in smartphones, "Thimble" combines the powers of the phone with an intriguing finger glove that offers "an entirely new literary experience" to the user. The fingertip camera would be used to scan printed text and signage and translate it into impulses of Braille within the glove. The location and real-time capabilities of the smartphone could also provide the user with relevant ambient and real-time updates at the touch of a button.

Has anyone else got any more ideas whilst we're at it?!


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