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The Best Videos Ever of The Week

The Best Videos Ever of The Week
Want to catch up on the week's most popular web videos? From a real life penguin with happy feet to a hilarious botched robbery with a giant stick, our top picks inside.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week1. Robbery with a Giant Stick Is Way Funnier Than It Should Be
If you were a convenience store clerk faced with a robber wielding a comically large stick as a weapon, you probably wouldn't think it was too comical. But after the fact, the security camera footage is pretty ridiculous.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week2. The Best Blizzard Time-lapse Video You'll See Today
Watch a backyard in New Jersey get completely buried by snow. It took mother nature all night, but you can see it in the video in a matter of seconds.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week3. This Is How They Deal With Snowpocalypse In Japan
Some people didn't believe the stunning snow scenes from Japan. What kind of monster machines do they use to clean roads from snowfall as tall as a four-story building? A Gundam plow machine? Now you can watch how they do it.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week4. 9-Year-Old's "Whip My Hair" Skating Routine Is Impressive
Starr Andrews is nine years old and being called a "future Olympian" (by her family). In this video, she spins, leaps and gives her neck a workout.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week5. Car Crashes Next To Guy Taking A Leak
Watch this amazing video of an Audi crashing just feet from a guy taking a leak by the side of the road. If the video's real, it's going more viral than herpes at a fraternity party.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week6. Forklift Gives BMW A New Parking Spot
Watch a forklift driver in Taiwan provide the answer to the riddle "How do you move a BMW 5-Series wagon across a construction zone without its wheels touching the ground?" Ultimate driving machine, meet ultimate parking enforcer.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week7. Chinese Scientists Invent Electro-Abs For Women's Chests'
In yet another example of China being on the cutting edge of technology, witness the Top Charming Breast Stimulator. It's Electro-Abs for your chest, for all you ladies out there that have always wanted those chiseled, 6-pack boobs.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week8. Watch Some Polar Bears Adorably Destroy a Nature Show's Spy Cameras
The spy cameras designed for the BBC documentary "Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice" were cleverly disguised and built to withstand temperatures as low as -40° C. The polar bears took one look and were like, "NAH LEMME SMASH THAT."

The Best Videos Ever of The Week9. The Luckiest Non-Gaming Moments Ever
We've posted our share of absurd Call of Duty: Black Ops tomahawk throws, Halo: Reach grenade sticks, and physics-bending mishaps. But lets not forget insanely lucky things happen in real life too.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week10. The Year In Mariah Carey
Whether it was making a drunken acceptance speech, pretending she didn't fart on TV, or showing off the twins in her belly or the twins in her bra, Mimi has had a miraculous 2010.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week11. Penguin has a Case of Happy Feet
Not entirely sure if this penguin is on drugs or is just happy to be alive, but either way it's adorable.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week12. Dental Patient Under Heavy Anesthesia Simulates Driving Race Car
Technically, this qualifies as a DUI. While getting his wisdom teeth removed, this driving fan kicks his imaginary car into overdrive, accompanying his pedal and gear motions with amusing engine sounds. His YouTube username is CarAficionado24.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week13. The Year in Video Gaming, NSFW
Some year-end retrospectives play out to the accompaniment of a tinkly piano. Others to a cheese-cloth montage. Our subject here plays out to strains of bow-chicka-bow-bow and the censor bars. It's Kotaku's Year, NSFW. (Warning, NSFW, duh.)

The Best Videos Ever of The Week14. Watch the YouTube Video That Ebert Deemed Oscar-Worthy
It's a deceptively simple concept: man takes camera and tripod out into the NYC blizzard and shoots what he sees. But there's enough beauty and craftsmanship in this three-and-a-half minutes that Roger Ebert thinks it should win an Oscar.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week15. Two Balls! Two Balls! Two Balls!
Yeah, it's a slow news day in Seattle. "Holy crap!"

The Best Videos Ever of The Week16. Roger Ebert's Past Game Addiction Made Him Sad
This year, famed film critic Roger Ebert said games could never be art - a mistake he later admitted. While Ebert might not be a fan of games, that doesn't mean he didn't used to play them obsessively.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week17. Mulholland Highway Has Some Shitty Drivers
It always happens. All the kooks find out about your favorite surf break and next thing you're surrounded by reckless nitwits. Same thing with drivers on Mulholland Highway, AKA The Snake. Hey! Stay in your lane, pal!

The Best Videos Ever of The Week18. Tiny Robbers Attempt Hotel Heist with Giant Musket (Updated)
Yeah, stealing is wrong, but how can you not root for criminals this bizarre and audacious? Two crooks, perhaps stepping out of some kind of time portal, stuck up a motel with a musket. One perp was five feet tall.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week19. This Free Throw Bends Physics
If you're like me, you'll watch this approximately 30 times in the next hour. It's captivating.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week20. The Best View Scandals Of 2010
Between landing the first-ever daytime TV interview with the President, Barbara's new cow heart, Elisabeth Hasselbeck's tears, and the kerfuffle with Bill O'Reilly, 2010 has been a banner year for the ladies on The View.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week21. The Tush Turner Device Eliminates Car-Exiting Upskirts Forever
Nooooooooooooo! Noooo! NOOOOOO! NO! NO NO NO! $27 for one or $32 for 2.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week22. Watch An Icy 20-Car Pileup As It Happens
One might think that residents of Colorado Springs, Colo., might be among the most experienced in the country when it comes to winter weather driving. This video of a 20-car pileup Thursday afternoon as it happened suggests otherwise.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week23. Second Man Survives Impromptu Game Of Real-Life Frogger
This 53-year-old man was crossing a street in eastern Turkey when he stepped in front of a cab-over fuel truck. His choices were to get crushed or run like Frogger. He choose run, and actually survived.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week24. Baby in Tub Assures You that No, He Does Not Like Anything You Suggest
Like the cutest suspect under interrogation, this baby says no to everything mom and dad suggest. That's the best defense in the book: deny, deny, deny.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week25. The Best Cat Videos of 2010 in 90 Seconds
Each year, the Internet blesses us with a seemingly endless array of cat videos, and 2010 was no different! From cute to curmudgeonly, sappy to scary, tame to thrilling, and more, here's our compilation of the year's best feline-focused offerings.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week26. Gilbert Arenas's Full-Court Shot That Wasn't, Then Was, Then Wasn't Again
If not for that pesky buzzer, Gilbert's rim-to-shot-clock-nothing-but-net heave would be that kind of thing that happens only when you escape the Wizards. (In Washington, the ball would have nailed a sick child in the fifth row.)

The Best Videos Ever of The Week27. A Side by Side Comparison of the Final Scene of Back to the Future
When making Back to the Future II, as I'm sure you know, the final scene of BttF had to be reshot to include Elizabeth Shue as the new Jennifer. Here, just because, is a side-by-side comparison of the two.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week28. The Progress Bar Illusion is Sneaky
Downloading something? Some progress bars appear to move quicker than others. How are our minds fooled into thinking so? It's the movement within the bars.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week29. Cat Finds it Impossible to Relax on Trampoline
It is unclear whether the cat thought the trampoline would be a good place to relax, or if the little girl and camera-mom dragged the poor thing to it. The cat wants out.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week30. World's Most Obnoxious Kid Needs to Tan
Hundreds of flights have been canceled, none more important than the one 8 year old Alexander Wright was boarding. Watch him complain to the local news about how he's supposed to be in Florida, tanning.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week31. Two Cats Playing in the Snow
Watch as two cats take a playful approach to the blizzard.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week32. Meet the Laziest Dog in the World
This English bulldog does not want to move. At all. Drag him if you want. But, at the end of the video, you'll see that a simple change in direction (towards home) is all he needs to cooperate.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week33. Guy Uses a Tree as a Spare Tire
We're not really sure if this is the best or worst idea ever, but it most certainly isn't street legal.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week34. Video Of Cat Putting On Bunny Hat Is Too Good To Be True
To those who want to use this as evidence that all cats love playing dress up, a word of advice: Trying to force a cat into a costume without the help of video editing only ends with brutal clawings.

The Best Videos Ever of The Week35. Watch Sanitation Workers Destroy a Ford Explorer in Brooklyn
Here's some amateur video that was taken today in New York City's Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Watch as sanitation workers attempt to free a snowbound front loader-and destroy a nearby Ford Explorer in the process. 2010's blizzard claims another!
By: Gizmodo

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