jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

T-Mobile confirms Galaxy S with 4G, Android-based Sidekick 4G are coming

Whoa, this is kind of out of the blue: on top of the Vibrant 4G that we've already had leaked ad nauseam(though he refers to it as a "Galaxy S 4G"), T-Mobile USA CEO Phiipp Humm mentioned at an event this morning that the company is preparing an HSPA+ Sidekick -- yes, a Sidekick -- albeit with Android slotted in place of the defunct Danger Hiptop operating system. For the record, T-Mobile hasn't had any Sidekicks in its lineup since the middle of last year, though it does own the Sidekick brand -- not Danger / Microsoft -- and would undoubtedly love to bring it back to relevance. Coincidentally, Mister Android himself, Andy Rubin, came from Danger -- so the Sidekick's starting to follow him around. Kind of like... you know, a sidekick. Both products are said to be "coming soon."

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