martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

ASUS Lamborghini external HDD sports beautiful curves, bloated price tag

Hot on the heels of ASUS' underwhelming Lamborghini VX6 netbook comes the equally over-hyped Lamborghini external HDD. Underneath that logo you've got either 500GB or 700GB of storage spinning at 5400RPM in the USB 2.0 model and 7200RPM in the USB 3.0 edition. The only sign of luxury in sight, however, is the price tag -- at $120 for the 500GB and $140 for the 700GB, the USB 2.0 versions are nearly twice as pricey as the non-Lambo competition. We've still no idea when the drives will land Stateside or how much the USB 3.0 iteration will cost, but then again, if you have to ask ...

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