martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

OnLive's all-you-can-eat PlayPack now available for $9.99 per month

OnLive, meet subscription services. It's not the January 15th date we had initially marked, but that's no matter now, the time has come. The company has introduced PlayPack, which for $9.99 each month gets you unlimited access to a selection of titles. There's no long-term commitment required and your saved games will stay on servers for at least a year after cancellation, should you change your mind and decide to come back. There's 38 games to choose from at first, including BioShock, Prince of Persia, and Alien Shooter, with more titles promised "on a regular basis." The previous plans -- free demos, multi-day rentals, and purchases à la carte -- are also still around. It's not inaccurate to think of this as early-day Netflix Instant Watch, but drawing from the same analogy, it's gonna take an ever-expanding library of strong titles (both big and small) to keep the momentum going. And make no mistake, we're really rooting for ya. Press release and list of titles after the break. 

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